Online Notary Course  for California


Chapter I. Obtaining and Managing a Commission

Part A. Eligibility for Appointment
     Section 1. Residence/Citizenship Requirement
     Section 2. Age Requirement
     Section 3. Course of Study Requirement
     Section 4. Examination Requirement
     Section 5. Background Check Requirement
     Section 6. Application

Part B. Commission
     Section 1. Term of Office
     Section 2. Geographic Jurisdiction
     Section 3. Bond
     Section 4. Public Employee Notaries Public

Part C. Managing a Commission
     Section 1. Filing the Oath and Bond
     Section 2. Address Change
a. Address Requirements
             i. Business Address
             ii. Residence Address
             iii. Mailing Address
        b. Address Change Procedures
     Section 3. Name Change
     Section 4. Responding to Written Requests of the California Secretary of State
     Section 5. Agreements with Private Employers


Chapter II. Notarial Acts and Procedures

Part A. Tools to Function as a Notary Public
     Section 1. The Notarial Journal
          a. One Active Journal
          b. Securing the Journal
          c. Sequential Recording of Official Acts
          d. Copying and Inspection of Journal
          e. Surrender, Loss or Destruction of Journal
     Section 2. Seal
          a. Form of Seal
          b. Obtaining a Seal
          c. Securing the Seal
          d. Use of the Seal
          e. Lost or Damaged Seal; Destroying Seal

Part B. Types of Notary Public Acts and How to Perform the Acts
     Section 1. Essential Basics
          a. Examine Document 
               i. Incomplete Documents
               ii. Foreign Language Documents
          b. Verify Identity of the Signer
               i. Satisfactory Evidence
               ii. Paper Identification Documents
               iii. Oath or Affirmation of a Single Credible Witness
               iv. Oath or Affirmation of Two Credible Witnesses
          c. Recording Journal Entry
     Section 2. Acknowledgments
          a. Examine for Completeness
          b. Confirm Identity of Signer and Acknowledgment of Signature
          c. Journal Entry
                i. Sample Journal Entries
          d. Certificate of Acknowledgment
          e. Penalties
     Section 3. Jurats
          a. Examine for Completeness
          b. Confirm Identity
          c. Administer Oath or Affirmation and Witness Signature
          d. Journal Entry
          e. Notarial Certificate for a Jurat 
          f. Jurats for Documents with Birthdates and Age
     Section 4. Proof of Execution by a Subscribing Witness
          a. Examine for Completeness
          b. Confirm the Identity of the Credible Witness
          c. Administer the Oaths or Affirmations
          d. Journal Entry
          e. Proof of Execution Certificate
     Section 5. Signature by Mark
     Section 6. Certifying Copies
          a. Certificate
          b. Journal Entry
     Section 7. Immigration Documents
     Section 8. Protests
     Section 9. Depositions
     Section 10. Confidential Marriages

Part C. Fees
     Section 1. Maximum Fees Allowed
     Section 2. Required Fees
     Section 3. When Fees Cannot Be Charged


Chapter III. Misconduct by Notaries Public or Others Relating to Notarial Acts

Part A. Conflict of Interest
     Section 1. Financial Transactions
     Section 2. Real Property
     Section 3. No Conflict of Interest if Acting for Someone Else

Part B. Giving Legal Advice/Practicing Law

Part C. Reasons for Commission Revocation or Suspension, or Application Denial

Part D. Civil Penalties
     Section 1. $1,500 Penalties Imposed by California Secretary of State on Notaries Public
     Section 2. $750 Penalties Imposed by California Secretary of State on Notaries Public
     Section 3. Other Substantial Civil Penalties

Part E. Felonies or Possible Felonies
     Section 1. Frauds Relating to Deed of Trust; Single-Family Residence
     Section 2. Unlawful Acts by One Not a Notary Public; Deeds of Trust on Single-Family Residences
     Section 3. Filing False or Forged Documents Relating to Single-Family Residences; False Statements to Notary Public
     Section 4. Forgery; Signatures or Seals; Corruption of Records
     Section 5. Perjury
     Section 6. Conviction

Part F. Misdemeanors or Possible Misdemeanors
     Section 1. Failure to Deliver Records to County Clerk
Section 2. Destruction, Defacement or Concealment of Records or Papers
Section 3. Improper Notarial Acts, Solicitation, Coercion or Influence of Performance
Section 4. Willful Failure to Perform Duty Relating to Official Journal or Control Notarial Seal
Section 5. False Certificate or Writing by Officer
Section 6. Unlawful Practice of Law

Part G. Infractions by Notaries Public
     Section 1. Change of Address
     Section 2. Name Change



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