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These courses are structured to provide all of the necessary information required by the Secretary of State in a comprehensive, straightforward format.  The material covers notarial laws, procedures and ethics to educate the notary and help minimize error.  These courses are designed to assist new, as well as experienced, notary applicants by providing the information necessary to pass the written notary exam.

All of the legal code sections are "clickable" enabling you to view the notary laws instantly as you go, rather than having to look them up in the back of a book.

To see the procedures required to become a Notary Public, go to the Secretary of State's Notary Checklist



What our course attendees are saying:

►A stream line program. This notary course stands out. It shows you the way to really  pass your test.  J.G.

►This online course was awesome!! Very convenient for a working mom, who can study on line when time allows. Very thorough and informative. I would highly recommend to my fellow co-workers! Thanks so much!  R.D.

►This course was very convenient for me, being the mother of 2. It allowed me to work on the course at whatever time I was able to do so. I highly recommend the online course to anyone who is looking for convenience.  G.D.

►This was very ENJOYABLE! Clear, Concise, and Flexible to meet my needs as a small business owner! Your answers to my questions were timely and appreciated. I am going to GLADLY pass on your "class room" to other notaries in our area! Much success to you. Thank you again!  L.B.

►This course was simply AWESOME! It is so well written, I actually ENJOYED reading the material. Great refresher! With a busy life, I really loved being able to do this at home, and you CAN'T beat the price! WELL DONE!  D.F.S.

►This course was great!!! I was able to do it at my own pace, as well as get a better understanding of the Notary Handbook. I will definitely refer this course to others. A.R.C.

►Your online service is awesome. Very helpful. S.O.

►Great course. I have been a Notary for the past 4 years and your method worked for me. J.C.

►Taking your course online is so convenient. You have excellently explained the topics to be understood clearly and easily. I will certainly endorse your course to other renewing notary public officers. Thank you.  C.I.B.

►I have been a notary for many years and I am happy to say, this was a great refresher. P.S.

►This whole process was a lot easier and more convenient than I expected. This is a great website to use! T.H.A. in Garden Grove

►This was a very easy to read and comprehensive class. I have been a notary for over 20 years and found it really helpful. T.H.

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The information contained in this site is for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice.

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